Contract Management System

Contract Management System

Make contracts easy with CEMAR

To collaborate effectively, drive consistency and free teams from administration, a cloud-based contract management system is essential.

CEMAR is built around events; not documents and combines industry-leading knowledge and expertise to make the management of complex contracts simple. Easy to use and rapid to deploy, it reinforces positive behaviours in a shared and secure online environment.

CEMAR is a sophisticated and dedicated solution for NEC (specifically NEC3 and NEC4), FIDIC and other contract types. Created upon a first-hand need for a solution to the administrative demands of a large construction contract, it has been developed by industry experts and practitioners, is acknowledged by name in all NEC4 contracts and is underpinned by several decades of contract management experience in the industry.

We focus on the user experience and are content when engineers, supervisors, managers and consultants are spending time on their profession instead of chasing administration.

Keep in line with contract compliance

CEMAR achieves a collaborative single truth with shared contract event registers and covers a broad variety of contracting procedures including early warnings, compensation events, programme submission and acceptance, payment and much more. These specifically tailored workflows automatically maintain contract price, dates and other particulars.

With contract type and Party sensitivity, the system presents workflow accordingly, validating at key stages to drive consistency and compliance. Communications reference clause numbers and include appropriate verbs, defined terms and actions. A library of configurable templates affords rapid set-up of new contracts and achieves consistent contractual compliance.

CEMAR system early warning register screenshot

Stay up to date with action reminders

Party-sensitive reminders and email alerts allow you and your team to stay aware of any outstanding actions within the contract. On the central reminders page, CEMAR also gives ‘days to go’ countdowns and a RAG (red, amber, green) status on outstanding actions. Teams can delegate and assign actions to other specific members and view the other Parties’ actions to enhance collaboration.

An aggregated reminders page is available within CEMAR Analytics bringing together outstanding actions across multiple contracts along with numerous charts and reports which track communication and contract performance.

CEMAR system action reminders page screenshot

Audit, archive and remain in control

CEMAR gives control over governance through permissions, user threshold settings and internal approval workflows, allowing delegation of actions and events under the contract.

Teams may collaborate on drafting, reviewing and communication of events, with all review and approvals captured in a Party-private audit log. Also maintained is a complete audit trail of user history, common event registers and actions with unique numbering, time and date stamps. All communications are automatically archived into a shared document log. This significantly reduces data entry while maintaining an accessible archive which may be downloaded at any time by authorised users.

CEMAR system document log screenshot

Unlock valuable overview and insights with real-time reporting

A large variety of aggregated reports over a broad range of data sets and behavioural metrics are available via CEMAR Analytics. Charts, dashboards and reports are generated in real-time to enhance business intelligence and enable users to track and benchmark team, supplier and contract performance across a portfolio of contracts.

Data warehouse and web-service options provide for export, integration and reconciliation with other software applications.

CEMAR system analytics reporting capabilites

Features and Benefits

  • Features

    • Quality-assured software, ISO27001 and 9001 accredited. Developed by industry experts and practitioners, acknowledged contributor to NEC4.
    • Collaborative environment, single truth of shared events, registers and reminders.
    • Complaint communications with clauses, appropriate verbs, defined terms and actions.
    • User and process-orientated governance, delegated authorities, approvals and financial/time limits.
    • Intuitive Superuser wizards facilitate rapid-configuration of contracts, users and governance.
    • Secure data, UK-based infrastructure, hourly back-ups and Two-Factor Authentication.
    • Real-time reports for contract, framework, programme and portfolios featuring charts and dashboards.
  • Benefits

    • Simplifies the management of sophisticated contracts (NEC3, NEC4, FIDIC and more).
    • Fosters collaboration, promotes trust and supports cultural change.
    • Embedded contract knowledge with intuitive, party and user based workflows.
    • Reduces commercial risk through improved contract compliance.
    • Autonomy through Superuser model with extensive help and support.
    • Reminders, countdowns and alerts ensure teams aware of outstanding actions.
    • Extensive events log, communications archive and governance audit trail.
    • Powerful business intelligence critical to managing behaviours and identifying trends.
  • I find CEMAR it an extremely useful tool and I wonder how I ever managed contracts without it.

    Senior Contract Specialist, Magnox Limited

  • CEMAR is delivering the goods and is proving to be an essential tool for the successful contract administration of NEC3.

    Contract Officer, Sellafield Limited

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