Contract Management System

Contract Management System

Keep things simple with CEMAR

thinkproject is home to one of the market-leading solutions for contract management. CEMAR simplifies complex contractual compliance to ensure project teams are able to spend their time efficiently.

CEMAR is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, making it easy to communicate between parties, the supply chain and even time zones.

Our goal is simple: to save you time for the things you love.

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Modern contracts are complex and expensive to administer

Uptake of modern, collaborative contracts is soaring internationally as the industry and its investors reap the benefits. Traditional standard forms are reinventing themselves, with a new emphasis on behaviours and collaboration, while embracing BIM and the technologies that support it.

A growing focus on collaborative behaviours is driving a positive influence on contracting success results in increased productivity and less time wasted arguing about the past. Where once the AEC industry wasn’t known for delivering on-time or on-budget, things are getting better.

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Make complex contracts easy

To achieve true collaboration, drive consistency and free teams from administration, a cloud-based contract management system is essential.

Our market-leading solution is built around events, not documents, and combines industry-leading knowledge and expertise to make sophisticated contract management simple. Users greatly benefit from the constant evolution of our system’s powerful analytics, governance capabilities and flexible workflows.

Our team is proud to give time back to all project professionals. We are passionate about helping them expend all their working energies on their profession, rather than on contract administration.

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